It is my heartfelt desire that what you discover in my website nurtures your Soul and ignites newfound inspiration within you. Through this website, I share what I gleaned from spiritual teachings during challenging times. May the messages you find here comfort and encourage you, akin to the tender embrace of a celestial Angel.

From my earliest years, I experienced things that brought me to learn, what most people rarely have to learn at such a young age. This brought insights usually reserved for later stages of life. The profound understanding gained in those times became the impetus for my ongoing journey of learning.
Thus, this website stands as a testament to my commitment, a dedication born from personal experience, aimed at extending a helping hand and uplifting those presently facing difficult circumstances.

There is a way out of the ego’s battlefield. An inner transformation and healing are discovered step by step along this beautiful path. This brings us back in alignment with Divine Love.

This website also serves as a safe haven, a virtual gathering place for kindred spirits immersed in the study of spiritual teachings. The overarching purpose of this online space is to uplift and support all those who are going through difficult times in their lives. This website is a source of solace and encouragement for your souls unique and beautiful journey.

Over the last few years, writing this blog website has become a hobby for me. I simply share what I learn along this path and through the spiritual books I study.

Feel free to write me if you have any questions. We can always talk via zoom or skype. I speak English, German and French.

Warm regards,



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Note: This is a private blog website. This website is not a business.
Everybody is welcome to join the book study meetings.


Note: the dates in the posts are not the real dates when a text was written. These blog posts are updated on a regular basis, while the dates indicated may be different.