Seeing with the heart and loving compassion

During our lives, we all sometimes experience conflicts in our relationships with others. Often, both sides are convinced of “being right.” And there are conflicts within families or private relationships that turn so bad, that it seems nothing can help.

For all these situations, the teachings based on the book A Course in Miracles truly can help a lot. For those who are not yet familiar with these techniques, let me share some other information here that can be helpful.

What helps is a different perspective: there are people who are healthy, and there are those living with some health issues. This can include different forms of ADHD, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), PTSD or similar diseases. Some people who are living with these kinds of issues never got the right diagnosis when they were young. Therefore, they experienced during years a lot more difficulties, often feeling overwhelmed, exhausted or depressed, all without knowing their real true diagnosis.
Yes, they could find great relief and support if they ask a doctor to do all the necessary tests for these topics. It is important to know that some of these diseases are passed on in the family lines from generation to generation. Some people may need medicine, and a good therapy, so they get the support they actually need.

Now you see why certain conflicts in relationships may have their real roots in this: there are people who are living with some forms of ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, PTSD, or similar issues, without even knowing it. In their younger years, they somehow learned to live with it, and they do compensate these things without knowing it. They learned to fit in and to function. From the outside, it may even look like they are living a normal life.

But when the brain must work extra rounds every day, sooner or later in life, there are risks for burn-out situations, chronic exhaustion, depressions and of course: some sort of relationship issues. Because when the brain works differently and filters information differently, of course the person then does react differently than others.

This is also why sometimes people ask: “Why doesn’t he understand me? Or: why is he reacting this way?” Maybe, it is because of one of these health issues.

When we see conflicts between other people from the outside, we ask: why don’t they understand each other, or why can’t they solve their problems? We must be careful not to judge them. It could really be that some of these people do need medical support, but without knowing it. They could find some relief with the support of a good therapist. They do need our compassion and support, instead of our judgements and prejudices.

You see: the reasons for certain conflicts in relationships are very different then what we may first think and believe. Seeing a doctor who can do all the different tests for one of the different forms of autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, PTSD or similar diseases, that could truly help to find the real roots of many chronical issues. This is why the right diagnosis can truly help a whole family, and save many relationships.

To support the healing work, daily meditations and prayers are always very precious and they help to change those situations.

Feel free to write me if you have any questions about this.

kind regards,


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