Holistic Healing and your Divine Self

 Holistic healing is possible when people understand that they are more than just the physical body, and that their thoughts and emotions influence their health. While this may seem nothing new to many, we still can see people holding on to the past, refusing to forgive and let go.

For example, holding on to anger is not good for the health of your liver. Repressed grief can weaken the lungs, and certain fears are not good for your stomach. This is why sooner or later, we all have to deal with those repressed emotions. This is an important part of the healing process, which will allow you to connect again with your true Self, your divine Soul.​..

Remember that you are a lot more than your physical body. Not only you have a Soul, actually you are that Soul. You are a divine being of love and light, a wonderful Soul. Your true goal is to become aware of your divine Soul and your Oneness with Divine Source. This is why people practice meditation: to reconnect with their Soul on a deeper level.

Allow yourself to remember more of that eternal divine part of who you really are, that beautiful Soul. ​The more you find your inner alignment with your own Soul, the better you feel, the more peaceful you become. This brings a new balance on all levels of your being. You become whole again through this. This is what you are longing and looking for: your Oneness with your Divine Soul, because this divine Love is your natural state of being. 

Your Soul wants you to heal, God wants you to receive healing: and sometimes, this support  comes to you through the meetings with a good doctor. Your job is to allow yourself to receive all this support. Holistic Healing includes all of this too. You always work together with your doctors, medical centers and your medical specialists first. That one is on the spiritual path always includes to continue seeing your doctors and work together with them, including all medical therapy sessions. 

The spiritual path and all the spiritual healing techniques mentioned in this website are always understood as a completion to the medical support from medical doctors and certified therapists.
They all complete each other on the path of holistic healing and recovery. The spiritual teachings you can learn are helpful, when you experience difficult times: this gives you inner strength, inner peace and emotional relief. The healing power of prayers and meditations are well known to support all kind of healing processes, emotional and physical.

It is known that people with health issues who are in the phase of emotional resistance, they often repress old emotions. They are dealing with energetic blockages that can hinder physical healing and make it all more difficult. This is where spiritual teachings can help us to let go. Daily prayers, the practice of spiritual devotion and forgiveness, and the practice of meditations are all known as helpful tools to overcome that emotional resistance. All of this helps to release those old blockages, which then makes healing a lot easier, on all levels.

For all these situations, the teachings based on the book A Course in Miracles truly help a lot. Applying the techniques from that book can support the path to healing on many levels of your being.

Feel free to write me if you have any questions on this.
with Love,


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