Support for highly sensitive people

Many use the words "highly sensitive people" and "higher sensitivity", to describe what in truth simply is a medical condition that needs a correct diagnosis and medical therapy. There can be some serious reasons about why a person is so-called "highly sensitive".

What many people who call themselves "highly sensitive" often do not yet know: they are living with a medical condition that was not yet diagnosed correctly.
For example, people with ADHD are highly sensitive, because that is what ADHS simply does: the ADHD brain processes emotions differently. Therefore people with ADHD are highly sensitive and simply need more time to process certain situations, and also their feelings.

People with PTSD are also always very sensitive. Both of these medical conditions have their issues in the nervous system, and they both manifest with some sort of a sensorial dysfunction. Therefore, these people are highly sensitive and need medical support.

Another example, if one struggles with noise, it is because he has a sensorial dysfunction with hearing. This effects many daily life situations and needs to be discussed with a specialised doctor.

If you are living with ADHD and PTSD and you are studying spiritual teachings, make sure to be very patient with yourself. Going to spiritual seminars, workshops and similar events may not be so easy for you; especially not, if those are intensive classes, with many long hours per day and a lot of people. It is certainly easier for you
to join events with smaller groups and with fewer hours per day. Otherwise, you may feel overwhelmed and not be able to benefit from the events. Before signing up for any classes, always contact the teachers and ask them, if their events are ADHD-friendly and if you can study in your own pace.

This is why the meetings I offer are individual meetings, so that one can study and move forward in a pace that is truly best adapted to one's needs.

I also recommend working with Reiki from Mikao Usui, and Pranic Healing: both are helpful and support the body. For more information, please see here this website about Pranic Healing.

Here in my website you find a list of very precious books.

Everything I share in this website was created with loving compassion for all those who are discovering the spiritual path of self-healing. ​This website is "my book" for You. It is my present for You and for Your Family. May it help You to remember Your true Self and the beauty of Your own Divinity.

Divine Blessings to You,

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