A Course in Miracles - book study

Yes, I believe in miracles :-)

Especially when we are going through difficult times in our lives, we need to reconnect with our Divine Source. This is where we receive new strength, new hope and divine support for inner healing. Over the last few years, whenever I was looking for answers, solutions and healing, I read many books about Christian spiritual teachings. All these books are precious and very helpful. 

When we are looking for healing, the question is: are we really ready to give up those old ideas about victimhood? Are we willing and ready to forgive others, forgive ourselves, so that our hearts may be filled with Divine Peace? Is it our intention to receive a new perspective, and to lay our judgements aside? It is a good sign when we feel that we are tired of our ego's self-sabotaging patterns and longing for a new state of being.

Working with the teachings of the book A Course in Miracles is especially precious for people living with PTSD and ADHD. This unique book gives us plenty of tools that allow us to move forward to a place of inner peace and serenity.

Your higher Divine Self is always guiding you gently, step by step, just one day at a time. It's about listening within, to that inner voice. Your heart guides you to connect with God and your Divine Self. Some start with prayers, others with meditation, and that is all good. What matters are the intentions in your heart. Spending time in communion with God is what matters. It is in those moments when you spend time alone with God that you receive the Divine Guidance for your path. With time, you'll discover the sacredness of those moments you spend in stillness and Oneness with God. This relationship with God becomes the most important relationship in your life, because it is the true source for everything you need.

With these books, the path of healing becomes the path of spiritual awakening. We discover beautiful new levels of consciousness whenever we meditate and connect with God. While our ego may try to hold on to the different roles it wants to play in the human world, the path of healing and awakening teaches us a new way of being: Divine Oneness. With regular practice, we experience an inner peace, the one that comes to us by Divine Grace, through our daily communion with God.

All these spiritual teachings confirm that step by step, inner healing is possible, when we align our hearts with Divine Source.

If you are living with ADHD and PTSD and you are studying spiritual teachings, make sure to be very patient with yourself. Going to spiritual seminars, workshops and similar events may not be so easy for you; especially not, if those are intensive classes, with many long hours per day and a lot of people. In the beginning, it is easier for you to join events with smaller groups and with fewer hours per day. Otherwise, you may feel overwhelmed and not be able to benefit from the events. Before signing up for any classes, always contact the teachers and ask them, if their events are ADHD-friendly and if you can study in your own pace.

This is why the meetings I offer are individual meetings, so that one can study and move forward in a pace that is truly best adapted to one's needs.

Divine blessings to you,