Support for people living with ADHD

ADHD and ADD show different types of symptoms in people, all depending on the social environment a person grew up. There are influences in the genetic factors that must be considered. Plus, the symptoms are a little different for men and women, and also with age.

With ADHD, the brain processes information, situations and emotions in different ways, compared to the brains of non-adhd people. Therefore, people with ADHD react differently in daily life situations. Living with ADHD means that you are more sensitive than others. As children, many people with ADHD/ADD have experienced all kind of bullying from others. It is important to take the time to heal all these emotional wounds.

An important part of my mission is to raise awareness for people who are living with ADHD attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. If you're living ADHD, and you wish to talk and share with someone who walks that same path of recovery, I am here for you.

If you have ADHD, it is important to focus more often on your strengths. See all the good qualities of ADHD: people with ADHD are good listeners, they are very compassionate, intuitive, empathic, innovative, caring and very creative.

Yes, with ADHD, some days are not easy. I call them the "rainy days", when many things are just so overwhelming.... We all know those kind of days. It is part of living with ADHD. This is why I created this website for people living with ADHD: to motivate you, to encourage you, to let you know that you are not alone. It is important to give yourself enough time to rest.

​A medical diagnosis is one thing - but what you yourself then decide to do with it, is what really matters. You can always make a fresh start and create a beautiful life for yourself, also with ADHD. ​For me, repeatedly over the years, doctors diagnosed a burn-out. Every time, they told me that I had to stop working so much. But to me, this did not feel right. Yes, my body showed all the symptoms of a burn-out, but the real reasons where different ones. Lucky, one day I met a doctor who was specialised in the field of ADHD. This is how I learned about ADHD and that the ADHD brain works differently than 95% of others. 

ADHD is not some kind of a "flaw" in a person. And ADHD is not a weakness or bad illness. Those kind of prejudices about ADHD are outdated, for many years. Medical researches confirm that people with ADHD, same like others, have plenty of good abilities. Be confident, you will discover your own unique talents along the path.

This book is precious and explains the most important points for ADHD success at work.

The key is to learn to handle the higher sensitivity that comes along with ADHD. This sensitivity can be a talent, once you learned to work with it. Living with ADHD means that you were born with great creativity, which you can express in very beautiful projects. For some this may be in the field of architecture, for others in painting, for some in cooking, or as a teacher. ADHD and ADD show different types of symptoms in people, it is important not to compare yourself with others.

People with ADHD are same smart and intelligent as others. ADHD people are often very creative. I was always a good student, and I speak three languages. At work, I was what is known today as the high functioning ADHD, which often leads to exhaustion and burn-out. This is what happens to many people with ADHD. Here in this article you can find more information on this topic.

​It helps you to realize that ADHD can sometimes be an advantage. You can learn to recognize your higher sensitivity as a unique strength. It is important to talk with your employer about your ADHD.

If you have ADHD and you find certain meditation techniques more difficult, then remember: your brain works differently. It is therefore understandable that you have a different way to connect with the higher Divine Realms and the many levels of consciousness.

The physical structure of the ADHD brain differs from a non-ADHD brain in certain areas. This is why some meditation techniques do not show the same effects for people with ADHD. Have self-compassion, be patient with yourself and try different types of meditations. Long walks in nature and sport activities before a meditation session can be helpful.

While there are certainly some difficulties for those of us who are living with health issues, it helps to focus more on all our amazing qualities. It is possible to transform what some people see as a weakness, into your own unique talent and your personal strength. Dealing with health issues or other difficult situations can be challenging, but we can learn how to live with them in a balanced way. Please know that there are specific reasons why a Soul chooses certain topics for a path of life. With those spiritual books, you discover your healing powers, and you can use them to help yourself and others.

No matter what label a diagnosis may have, please always remember: in addition to the medical treatments, you can do a lot for your recovery and your health too. For example, scientific research has shown that the practice of daily meditation changes the brain chemistry in certain ways. By studying the spiritual teachings, I found ways to live with all this in a harmonious and balanced way. This is what I share through my messages in this website.

In order to help those who are in the beginning of the spiritual path, I still share certain information here for the purpose of inspiration. You always must work together with your doctors and your medical specialists first. The spiritual path and all the spiritual healing techniques mentioned in this website are always understood as a completion to the medical support from doctors and certified therapists. They never exclude, but they both do complete each other.

Please remember that you are a lot more than your physical body. Not only you have a Soul, actually you are that Soul. You are a divine being of love and light, a wonderful Soul. Your true goal is to become aware of your divine Soul and your Oneness with Divine Source. Allow yourself to remember now more of that eternal divine part of who you really are, that beautiful Soul. And the more you find your inner alignment with your own Soul, the better you feel, the more peaceful you become. You become whole again through this. This is what you are longing and looking for: your Oneness with your Divine Soul, because this divine Love is your natural state of being. ​

Many people living with ADHD are diagnosed correctly only later in life, when they are older than 45 years. These people experienced years of chronic health issues and problems in many areas of daily life. The support of a medical specialist in ADHD can help in many ways. Please find more information for ADHD here in this website.

If you have more questions and wish to talk about ADHD, please feel free to write me.
the meetings I offer are individual meetings, so that one can study and move forward in a pace that is truly best adapted to one's needs.

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