More information about the recovery of PTSD

An important part of my mission is to raise awareness for people who are living with PTSD, Post-traumatic stress disorder. If you're living with PTSD and you wish to talk with someone who walks that same path of recovery, I am here for you.

When we are recovering from post-traumatic stress disorder, not feeling safe (physically) and feeling unsupported, these are the two points that need to find healing first. Especially if our physical bodies were involved in the traumatic experiences. At the same time, these two feelings are so overwhelming that we tend to completely repress them whenever possible, sometimes during years. We literally cover them up with all kind of strategies, to make sure we do not have to feel what we really feel. This is where all the spiritual teachings can truly help us on the path to healing.

By studying the spiritual teachings, I have found ways to live with it in a harmonious and balanced way. This is what I share through my messages in this website.

PTSD basics:
What people misunderstand about trauma and PTSD is this: in medicine and brain researches, there are different levels of traumas. ​Please understand that these are the reasons why some traumas are a lot worser and need more medical support than others.

These are the different levels to consider:
1) The person is only the observer, the situation was once only.
2) The person was touched on the psychological level, the situation was once, or repeated
3) The person was hurt on the physical level too, the situation was once, or repeated
4) How old was the person ? the brain of a child is not able to process a trauma in the same way than a grown up 22 years old or older.
5) How fast did the person/ the child get medical help?

The path of recovery from PTSD is not as fast as recovering from a knee surgery. The wounds of PTSD have many different layers. It is important that people share all the tools that helped them, so others can apply them too. This is what I do with this website. A trauma-therapy helps you to reduce the panic attacks and you learn how to deal with certain fears. The focus in every good therapy is always a positive transformation.

People with PTSD sometimes have put walls around them and may seem to be a little distant. Those walls served as a protection in the past, for good reasons. It is a learning process to let those walls down, and to trust again. The truth is that a certain number of people who have experienced childhood trauma suffer for years in silence. They simply can't talk about what they have experienced, with nobody. Many feel too scared and too ashamed. I was there too. This is why I created this website: to encourage others to ask for help and to see a therapist.

On one side, these feelings of shame are often overwhelming. This is why many people with PTSD struggle with low self-esteem and similar issues during years. Fears, insecurity, and panic attacks are part of the chronic symptoms. All of this also influences other areas of life. Unfortunately, many people try to repress those symptoms with other things like eating disorders, alcohol, or similar habits.

Because of these deep feelings of shame, people with PTSD often can’t find the courage to ask for help from a medical doctor. Instead, they sometimes give up and choose another path, which is very heartbreaking for those who love them.

This is why I created this website: to raise awareness for PTSD. I share these things here with the only goal to encourage you to ask for help and to talk with your doctor. ADHD and PTSD are often related.

The path of recovery may take some time, be patient with yourself. The path of healing is also the path of spiritual awakening. We discover new steps of healing as we pray, meditate, and reconnect with our Divine Source, God. This also demands that we lay aside the resistances of the ego, which can manifest in many different forms along this path. While our ego may try to hold on to the different roles it wants to play in the human world, the path of healing and awakening teaches us a new way of being.

In this message, I also wish to share some first informations for all people who suffer from post traumatic stress disorders, fears and similar problems.

When you are praying for healing, the answer to your prayers also includes the support from a medical specialist. I have met people who told me that they pray for healing, but they refuse to see a doctor who could really support them. Allowing yourself to receive the answers to your prayers demands that you stay open to the divine guidance entering your life. ​The answers to your prayers manifest in different forms: sometimes as a book you see in a bookstore, or an email you receive from a friend, or in form of a helpful doctor, or as an information you receive in a simple conversation. ​The answer to your prayers may not come to you in the way you expected it. But what if it is even better than you thought?

Medical research has developed different healing techniques for PTSD over the last few years, so there is more help available for people now than in the past. One great technique for this is called Somatic Experiencing and was established by Peter Levine. On this website, you find all details and information:

This technique from P. Levine works good for people who have experienced different types of childhood traumas and similar situations. It directly helps to recover the nervous system. It will complete any other healing technique. The county hospital, the local medical center in your town should be able to help you and give you the addresses of certified trauma-therapists.

Always be very patient with people who have a PTSD. It may take some time before they are even able to talk about what they have experienced. Gently support and encourage them to accept the help of a trauma-therapist. With that, finding a better quality of life, relief and recovery is truly possible.

Yes, it certainly demands courage and discipline to do a trauma-therapy. But you will come out of it stronger and better than before. Allowing yourself to receive more help in these steps is important. You can move beyond the trauma, make peace with it and find new joy in life. Surround yourself with reliable people who do support you in all these steps.

The path of recovery demands that we take full responsibility for our own body, for our health and for everything in our life. Our goal is long lasting and complete healing. A healthy body always needs a healthy Soul, including an emotional and spiritual healing work. This changes our life for the better.

No matter what label a diagnosis may have, please always remember: in addition to the medical treatments, you can do a lot for your recovery and your health too. For example, scientific research has shown that the practice of daily meditation changes the brain chemistry in certain ways. You can find more info about this in the books of Dr. David R. Hawkins. 

Working with the teachings of the book A Course in Miracles is especially precious for people living with PTSD and ADHD.
This unique book gives us plenty of self-healing tools that allow us to move forward to a place of inner peace and serenity. This is why I offer free study meetings for ACIM.

Feel free to contact me if you like to talk about these things. As I speak three languages, I offer online meetings in German, French and English.

Divine blessings to You,